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This command is used to issue a global network ban against an IP address only. Unlike gline, this cannot be used to ban a host name. This is the preferred method of banning users from the IRC network when not using services, particularly since host name based bans can allow banned users onto the network in the event of DNS lookup failures. However, if services is available, then akill is the easiest, fastest, and best method for issuing network bans.

This command accepts 1 to 3 arguments in the following order:

The [email protected] mask can accept wild cards. The ident should always be * unless you are banning a user on a trusted IP address. The IP address can be found in a whois command and can be used, again with wild cards, to ban the user as necessary. To zline nick1, who has an IP address of for 1 week and 1 second, with the reason "You are banned", you can issue this command:

/zline *@127.127.3.* 1w1s You are banned

A * is used for the final octet of the IP address because often, a user on a home connection will be using what is called a dynamic IP address. This means their internet service provider may change their IP address. This lowers (although not eliminates) the risk of the offending user being able to reconnect before the ban expires. If you wish to make the zline permanent, then omit the expiry field.

Note that not all clients support using this command directly. If your client falls into that category, you will need to prepend /quote or /raw to the IRC command to be able to issue the command. You will also need to prepend the : symbol to your ban reason or only the first word will appear. If you only wish to have a one word ban reason (not recommended) then the : symbol is optional.

If you wish to remove a zline, then simply use the zline command on the already banned IP address to remove it from the list.

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