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The who command provides a way of searching for users, often on a channel by channel basis. This command takes 1 or 2 arguments. The first argument is the search pattern, the second argument is the search parameters list. This list is any number of up to 11 characters which will be described in further detail below. Note that a limit of 100 results will be returned to users on any given who command.

Parameters available to everybody

  • a - This matches all users who are away and who match the given mask
  • f - This matches users on all servers except your own, or remote users
  • i - This shows users whose ident matches the given mask
  • l - This shows users on the same server as you, or local users
  • M - This shows users whose metadata contains the specified key
  • m - This performs a search for users based on user modes they have set
  • o - This matches IRC operators with the given mask
  • p - Shows users connecting on the specified port(s)
  • r - This shows users whose real names or GECOS matches the given mask

Parameters only available to IRC operators

  • h - This shows users real host names
  • u - Shows all results from the who command, without any limits


If you want to search #channel for all users who are away, you can issue this command:

/who #channel a

If you want to search the network for all IRC operators on remote servers, this command can be issued:

/who * of

If you want to search a channel for all users who are +g and -w on the local server, you can use this command

/who +g-w ml

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