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User modes can be set by you and apply to your current client connection. They alter the way in which your client interacts with the IRC network. The following table is a list of user modes and a brief description of what they do. User modes are set with the mode command. Any number of user modes can be set or unset at the same time. For instance, if you want to turn on user modes g and S but turn off modes B and W at the same time, you could issue the following command:

/mode nick +gS-BW

Where nick is the nickname you're using at the time.

Note that user modes are case sensitive. In the event that two modes use the same letter, the capital letter will appear first in this list, followed by the lower case letter.

User mode Description
B This mode marks the user as a bot. It is recommended to set this mode on bot accounts and bot accounts only. However it is neither required for bots, nor banned for regular users.
c This mode prevents anyone from sending you a private message unless they are in the same channel as you. Note that IRC operators will always be able to send you a private message unless you use your client's ignore command. This mode is not recommended. You should consider using user mode +g instead.
d This marks the client as deaf, and the client will receive no messages sent to IRC channels. This mode is intended only for services, however anyone may use this mode.
g Caller ID mode. This blocks all private messages unless you explicitly add the user to your accept list.
i This marks you as invisible, and users will not be able to run a who command on you without knowing your nick name.
o This marks the user as an IRC operator. Users cannot set this mode on their own, but they are allowed to unset it.
R This mode allows only registered users to send you private messages unless the unregistered user in question is on your accept list. User mode +g is recommended instead.
r This marks you as registered with and identified to services. NickServ automatically sets this user mode on you when you log in and will remove it when you log out. You cannot set or unset this mode yourself.
S This mode will strip all control codes from private messages sent to you, removing colors, bold, and underlined text.
s This mode denotes the server notice mask, or snomask as it is most frequently called. This is used by IRC operators to keep up to date on various events which happen on the network. For more information, see the snomask article linked above.
W This mode will inform you whenever a user does a whois command on your nickname. You will always receive a notice when an IRC operator does this, regardless of whether or not you use this mode.
w This mode will allow you to receive wallops sent by IRC operators. Largely unused, but you may use it to track your connection if you like.
x This mode hides your IP address. It is strongly recommended you use this mode and may become required in the future. It is automatically set on you on connect.