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This command begins user registration with the IRC network. It can only be issued upon initially connecting. IRC clients will usually issue this command for you automatically. As such, there should never be any need for you to use this command yourself. The one exception to this is if you are using telnet to connect to IRC. You will need this command then.

Because registration timeouts will usually occur after about 10 seconds of idle time while connected to the IRC server, it is unlikely you will be able to have this information typed correctly into the prompt before you are disconnected from IRC, particularly because the command requires at least 3 arguments and will usually accept 4. The command syntax is as follows:

/user <ident> <numeric> * :<real name>

Ident represents the ident you want to have. On Ravenchat, this is limited to 11 characters. Anything more entered after this is silently dropped. Numeric indicates the number you wish to send to have user modes automatically assigned to you. Numeric 8 requests that you receive wallops and be set invisible, and as such, is the most commonly used numeric. * in this case is a literal asterisk. You can specify a remote server here, but using * is far easier. Lastly is :<realname> which is what appears in the real name field when someone does a whois command on you. You must prepend a : to it, otherwise the IRC server will drop everything after the first space. The real name field does not have to be your literal real name. It can be anything that conforms to the terms of service.

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