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This updates the status of the supplied nick on the supplied channel. This is not the opposite of the down command, which only removes channel modes from users. This one will add and/or remove channel modes as necessary. The following channel modes are affected by this command:

  • +q (owner)
  • +a (protected)
  • +o (operator)
  • +h (half operator)
  • +v (voice)

The following modes are unaffected and are not changed with this command:

  • +b (banned)
  • +e (ban excepted)
  • +I (invite excepted)

This command accepts 2 optional arguments, the target channel for the mode changes and the target nickname for the mode changes. If the nickname is omitted, then your status will be updated on the channel. If both the channel and nickname are omitted, then your status is updated on all channels you are in. You cannot omit a channel name and provide a nickname for this command. To update the status of nick1 on channel, issue this command:

/msg ChanServ up #channel nick1

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