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This command manages the channel's topic for you. Your client has its own commands for this should you wish to use those instead. You will need to consult your client's documentation about the use of these commands. The following sub commands can be used to manage the topic of a channel.


This sets a brand new topic for the channel. The parameter set is usually unnecessary and can usually be omitted. To change the topic to "This is a new topic" on #channel, you would use this command:

/msg ChanServ topic #channel This is a new topic


This will append whatever you send to ChanServ to the topic. For instance, if you want to add "Check the website news" to the current topic in #channel, you can use this command:

/msg ChanServ topic #channel append Check the website news


This controls who can change the topic. If the topic is locked, then only users with the topic privilege, or +t flag, will be allowed to change the channel's topic, either through services or as a channel half operator or above. If unlock is specified, then anyone with sufficient privileges otherwise can set the topic. Topic lock is set by default for all newly registered channels. To remove topic lock on #channel, you would use the following command:

/msg ChanServ topic #channel unlock

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