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Note: This document is currently provisional. Many drastic changes may occur to it without warning while we arrive at a consensus for the contents of this document.

The following is the terms of service for Ravenchat. These terms of service apply to the IRC network and this website unless otherwise specified.

  1. The IRC operators of this network will always extend courtesy where courtesy is due. As such, we do not make any unreasonable efforts to track the activities of users on our network and will do what we can to help users who require assistance. As such, we will never engage in any of the following activities:
    • Forcing our way into channels without the permission of the channel operators, unless we are investigating a suspected terms of service violation
    • Treat any user unkindly
    • Assume bad faith of any user unless they have provided evidence to that effect
    • Issue any sanctions against users unless in accordance with these terms of service
  2. By connecting to our network, you affirm that you are 13 years of age or older as per COPPA regulations. Users under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the network or register accounts
  3. It is forbidden to disrupt network operations. Such disruption includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Engaging in (distributed) denial of service attacks against IRC servers or our website
    • Attempting to post spam to IRC channels or our website
    • Blanking pages or otherwise vandalizing the wiki
    • Impersonating network staff
    • Impersonating network services
    • Impersonating network users
    • Circumventing security measures to gain unauthorized access to user accounts or computer systems
    • Flooding IRC channels or our website with numerous unnecessary connections and/or messages
    • Attempting to link unauthorized servers to the network
  4. Channels which facilitate illegal activities are not permitted. For the purposes of this document, channels cannot support the circumvention of the laws of the city of New York, the state of New York, or the United States of America. Illegal activity includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Harboring a botnet on this network for the purposes of engaging in (distributed) denial of service attacks
    • Credit card fraud or identify theft
    • Trading in unlicensed copyrighted materials
    • The promotion or dissemination of hate speech
    • The reverse engineering of software when not explicitly permitted by a copyright license or an end user license agreement (EULA)
  5. All users are permitted a maximum of three (3) simultaneous connections to the network unless the connection in question has a trust associated with it. You may request a trust by following the instructions on our trust page.
  6. Trust holders are not permitted to engage in any of the following activities:
    • Changing an ident for users to circumvent a channel or network ban
    • Changing an IP address for users to circumvent a channel or network ban
    • Using their trust specifically to gain more connections to the network. Trusts are expected to be used by different users.
  7. Trusts that are unused for a period of 30 or more days are subject to removal from the IRC network.
  8. Bots are permitted on this network, but must follow the same terms of service as all other users with one exception. Bot owners may register only one account for themselves and a second, separate account for their bot.
  9. Channels of an adult nature are allowed if they follow the other terms of this document. Such channels must clearly state in their topics that they are for users who are 18 years and older only.
  10. Mass registration of accounts is not permitted. Users are allowed a maximum of two (2) accounts with NickServ, each of which may register a maximum of 10 channels and 10 nick names.
  11. Evasion of channel or network bans is not permitted on this network. For the purposes of this document, it will be assumed that channel operators are sufficiently versed in issuing bans so as not to allow a banned user to easily circumvent his or her ban. IRC operators are sufficiently skilled in issuing network bans to prevent easy circumvention of such bans.
  12. Network staff will never ask you for your account password. Network staff also have no way to recover your password and therefore cannot retrieve your password for you from services. It is your responsibility to keep your password safe, and should you lose your password, your account will require a reset.
  13. Channels dedicated to offering support for a specific product or service, commercial or otherwise, are permitted so long as they adhere to the other terms in this document.
  14. Network staff are not obligated to get involved in channel specific issues, and in fact will usually decline to get involved unless one of the following two (2) conditions is met:
    • The IRC operator has access through ChanServ to implement changes, either because they are the channel founder or have been added to the access list for the channel
    • Assistance has been explicitly requested from the channel's operators in #help
  15. Use of ravenchat's VHost or Virtual Host system is subject to the following conditions:
    • There are no outstanding complaints against your account
    • Your VHost has not been changed within the past week
    • Your VHost uses the same color throughout. If you use bold, the entire VHost must be bolded
    • The VHost you're requesting does not begin with "staff/" as this is reserved for IRC operators
    • The VHost you request does not resolve unless you can prove that you own the domain name in question
  16. We reserve the right to deny access to the network and/or any or all of its features at any time and without cause. If you wish to contest any actions taken against you by network staff, you may direct your complaints to #help with the awareness that we are not obligated to overturn a decision. If you are banned from the network and believe that this was done in error, then please send an e-mail to klines at ravenchat dot net with the following information:
    • Your registered nickname, if applicable
    • The ident and IP address you tried to connect with
    • The time you first observed the network ban
    • The ban reason given
  17. The following connections are automatically banned by the network with no exceptions. No actions will be taken to reverse such bans and no replies will be given should you attempt to appeal a ban for the following reasons:
    • Connections from insecure proxy servers
    • Connections from TOR exit nodes
    • Connections determined to be on a DNS blacklist (removal instructions provided at the discretion of blacklist provider)
    • Connections banned because of connection flooding
    • Connections banned because of excessive clients from the same host, unless you are using a trusted IP address
  18. The network uses open proxy monitoring to attempt to screen out connections from insecure proxies. You may notice connections to your computer originating from one of our servers. These connections are simply a security check for both you and the network. If you have an insecure proxy, you are required to fix it before you can connect, and this will be something you will want to do to prevent unwanted access to your machine.
  19. The penalties for infringing on any of the above rules are dependent on the seriousness of the infraction and are at the complete discretion of the IRC operator handling the case. Penalties for infractions include the following, escalating from least to most severe:
    • A stern warning for the user(s) in question
    • Placing a services ignore on your account
    • Blocking your wiki account from editing and/or your blog account from making posts
    • Placing a shun on your connection
    • Suspending your NickServ and/or ChanServ registrations
    • Removal of o-lines if applicable
    • Removal from the IRC server
    • A ban from the IRC network
    • Contacting legal authorities
  20. This point is present to see if you are actually reading the terms of service. If you have any questions, please join us in #help
  21. The terms of service are subject to change at any time and without advance notice to any users.
  22. Failure by us to enforce these terms of service does not constitute a waiver of the terms of service. We reserve the right to bring enforcement action against the affected user(s) at any time, and we reserve the right to decline to take any enforcement action.
  23. If any portion(s) of the terms of service are deemed to be unenforceable by law, then the portion(s) so deemed shall not be in force. The remaining portions of the terms of service shall remain in effect.

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