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This command returns various information about the IRC server or the IRC network. Most of this information is only viewable by IRC operators. This command accepts one or two arguments, the stats letter for the report you wish to view, and optionally, the server the report should be conducted for. The only report available to non-operators is the P report, which shows a list of online IRC operators and their idle times, if available. Use this command to view it:

/stats P

The following is a list of all stats codes and what they generate. Note that some reports share letters because they are case sensitive. In instances such as this, the upper case letter will appear first, followed by the lower case letter. Those denoted with a * can accept an optional server argument after the report letter.

Code letter Report generated
c Shows link information
e* Shows local ban exceptions (applies to server, not to channels)
g List of network bans glines
I List of connection class information
k* List of all server bans
L* List of all IRC users with IP addresses
l* List of all IRC users, without IP addresses
m Shows the number of times each command has been used
o* List of IRC operator blocks
P List of all IRC operators currently online
p* Shows network port information
q List of qlines
s* Deprecated, unused, will likely be removed in next version
T* Lists information about bandwidth usage and DNS lookups
U Lists U-Lined servers. Should only be services or a statistics server listed here
u* Shows server uptime
y Lists connection classes. Currently unused, will likely be used with trusts
Z* Lists memory usage
z* Shows network IP based bans (zlines). This is the preferred way of banning users.