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This command adds a global nline to the network. Nlines are not possible on individual servers because the ircd does not support them directly. An nline bans a user from the network based on their real name or gecos field. Nlines added to the network in this method are enforced directly by services. Note that although the official documentation states that this command can use perl compatible regular expressions, this is confirmed not to work in the current version of services. There are 5 sub commands described below for interacting with snline.


This adds a nline to the network. To permanently add a nline for all real names containing the word "invite" for the reason "Abusive script", you would use this command:

/msg OperServ snline add +0 *invite* Abusive script


This removed a nline from the network. You can remove the the above nline like so: (Note that this is just as an example, as the above nline is hard coded into the ircd and cannot be removed this way)

/msg OperServ snline del *invite*


This can list snlines on the network. To list all snlines starting with the letter b, you can use this command:

/msg OperServ snline list b*

The above command does not need any arguments. Without arguments, it will attempt to list all qlines.


A more detailed version of list that provides information such as the user and time stamp of who added the nline and when. Usage is identical to the above mentioned list sub command.


This permanently removes all nlines. This is usually not recommended. This command accepts 0 arguments. To delete all current nlines, use this command:

/msg OperServ snline clear

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