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This changes various services related settings. Currently, only 4 settings can be changed. Only services root administrators have access to change these settings at the present time. The various settings are further described below.


This command puts services in read only modes. Users that are not recognized as IRC operators will not be permitted to make any changes to the services database. This includes things like registering nicknames or dropping channels. Even the sending of memos is barred in read only mode. Currently, there is no reason to ever set this.


This command puts services in debug mode. This is only useful for programmers and may cause services to be extremely verbose in what it reports to IRC operators. As such, there is no use for this mode unless you are a developer


This prevents the expiry of all nicknames, channels, and akills. This may be useful if the network is under heavy attack by clones or similar. Otherwise, there is no reason to ever set this mode.


This activates superadmin mode. This temporarily makes you a super administrator and enables you to claim ownership of all nicknames and channels. This mode is temporary, and should only be set while needed, and unset when no longer needed. It is rare that you would use this mode. To activate superadmin mode, you can use this command:

/msg OperServ set superadmin on

To deactivate, simply run the above command again, substituting the word on for off.

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