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This command forcibly changes the topic of a channel. This is mostly useful to change a channel topic that is in violation of the terms of service. Whenever this command is successfully issued, it will appear that the IRC operator who issued the command changed the topic. As such, it will usually be helpful to provide an explanation for this change to any channel operators who are present.

This command takes 2 arguments, the channel on which to change the topic and the new topic. To change the topic on #channel to "This topic has been reset by network staff", you would issue the following command:

/satopic #channel This topic has been reset by network staff

Note: Not all clients support using this command directly. If your client falls into this category, then you will need to prepend your command with /quote or /raw instead. Additionally, the topic will have to be prepended with a : symbol, otherwise only the first word of the new topic will appear. If you wish to only set a 1 word topic (not recommended), then the : symbol is optional.

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