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This command forces the user to part a channel. This command is different from sakick and svspart, which although have similar behaviors, are separate commands. The part message sent with the command is shown to all users who are in the affected channel. Note that users parted from a channel in this way will be allowed to return unless a channel mode forbids this.

This command accept 3 arguments, the nickname of the user to part, the channel you wish to part them from, and the part reason. For example, to part nick1 from #channel for the reason "You must leave.", you would issue the following command:

/sapart nick1 #channel You must leave

Note: Not all IRC clients support using this command directly. If your client falls into this category, then you will need to prepend /quote or /raw to your command before you can issue it. Additionally, you will need to prepend your part reason with the : symbol, or only the first word of the part reason will show up. If your part reason is only 1 word long, then the : is unnecessary.

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