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This command forcibly removes a user from an IRC channel with the provided kick message. This does not ban the user from the channel. To accomplish that, you will need to use samode to issue a ban. This command is not to be confused with sapart or svspart, which behave similarly but are different commands.

This command accepts 3 arguments, the channel from which the user should be kicked, the nick name of the offending user, and the kick message you wish to have displayed to both the user and everyone else on the channel. To force kick nick1 out of #channel for the reason "You must leave.", you would use this command:

/sakick #channel nick1 You must leave

Note: Some clients do not support this command directly. In these cases, you must prepend /quote or /raw to your command for it to work. Additionally, you must also prepend the : symbol to your kick reason, otherwise only the first word of your kick reason will be displayed. If you have a one word kick reason (not recommended) then the : is not necessary.

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