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These are the rules for the IRC network. For the photo contest rules, see Rules (Photo contest).

These are the provisional rules of the website. These are subject to rapid changes without advance notice. These will be discussed and changed over the coming days. These are the rules in a nutshell. For a more comprehensive listing of this information, please see our terms of service.

  1. You are limited to a maximum of 3 simultaneous connections to the network. More connections than this and you risk being banned from the network for a period of one hour. If you need more connections than this, then please consider asking us for a trust.
  2. Do not spam the network. This includes channels, users, the forums, or this wiki.
  3. Ban evasion will usually result in a network ban. Note that the ban evasion would have to be in a capacity that is greater for affected channel operators to deal with.
  4. Each user may register two accounts. Each account may have 10 nicknames grouped to it and 10 channels registered to it. Gaining more than this by deliberately evading our services limits will result in affected accounts being suspended.
  5. Bots are welcome on this network. They are subject to the same rules as every other user with the following exception: If you run a bot, you may have one account for it, and the other account for yourself.
  6. Connecting with an insecure proxy is forbidden. We actively check connections for this and insecure proxies are promptly banned from the network.
  7. Channels are not to be created for the purposes of disseminating hate speech, committing crimes, trading in copyrighted material, or advertising competing IRC networks. Channels and their operators may have their accounts suspended.
  8. You may use HostServ to request a vhost. Vhosts must not be in violation of the terms of service and must not resolve unless you can offer us proof that you own the resolving domain name. You may not change vhosts more than once per week. Color and bold text in vhosts is allowed, but only one color may be used, and color/bold text must apply to the entire host.