Requesting a VHost

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A VHost, also called a Virtual Host, is a fake host name which appears in place of the scrambled host name that you are given when you first connect to our network. A typical scrambled host might look like the following:


Some people think this looks ugly. However with HostServ, you are allowed to get a VHost to cover this. You can request a VHost with the following command:

/msg HostServ REQUEST <vhost>

There are several rules for requesting VHosts which can be found in the terms of service and are summarized here as follows:

  • You may not change your VHost more than once per week
  • You may not use your VHost to evade channel bans.
  • Your VHost must not promote hate speech, profanity, or anything deemed by the network staff to be offensive
  • VHosts may not begin with "staff/" as this is reserved for use by IRC operators.
  • Your VHost may not resolve to a domain name (unless you can offer proof that you own the domain name in question)