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This command directs services to issue a kill command on the target nickname. It is identical to the release command, and either one may be used in the following situations. Only the account owner may use this command. This command is usually used because you were disconnected from IRC only to reconnect shortly thereafter. However because of this, your old nickname is still connected to the network and has yet to disconnect. You can wait the required amount of time for a ping timeout to occur, or you can use this command.

Possibly, your account is being held by a services enforcer. This happens if somebody used your nickname but did not identify to it before being forced out of the nickname by services. This could be you if you forgot to identify. This command will release the services enforcer and allow you to use the nickname normally.

Additionally, this command may be use to force another user to stop using your nickname. This can be used to check for account security if you are not aware of why somebody would be using your nickname. Run this command on the nickname and look for the result. If the user is forced off of the nickname, then they were not identified to your account. If the user is instead killed off of the server, then they were identified to your account. Change your account password now. Your account is compromised and to keep from losing access to it, you will need to change your password immediately.

This command accepts 1 or 2 arguments, the nickname to ghost, and the password of the account if you are not already logged into services. If you had to use your password because you were not already identified to NickServ, then this will log you into the account whose nickname you are trying to ghost. To ghost the nick nick1 with the password "letmein", use the following command:

/msg NickServ ghost nick1 letmein

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