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This command is used to register the current nickname you have on services. If you already have an account with services, then you probably instead want to log into it and use the group command instead. The exception to this is if you are creating a second nickserv account, usually for a bot.

This command takes 2 arguments, the password you wish to use to later identify to the account, and the email address where you will be receiving the confirmation email. There are 3 things to note with this command. First, it is strongly recommended that only you have access to the email address you sign up with, and that it is not a temporary email address. This is because if you later lose your password, you will have no way to recover it. Network staff have no way to access NickServ passwords that they do not own and will not manually reset passwords for users. Second, your password must be 5 or more characters long. Third, you must be using the nick you wish to register and it cannot already be registered with services.

To register your current nickname to [email protected] with the password letmein, you would use this command:

/msg NickServ register letmein [email protected]

Once you register, a confirmation email is sent to the address you signed up with. You have 24 hours to check this email and run the nickserv command sent to you, or your nickserv registration will expire. Be sure to also check your junk mail folder, as this is a commonly used location for IRC registration emails in general, especially with free email service providers. Once your email is confirmed, then your nickserv registration will only expire if you fail to use your account for a period of 60 days.

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