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Merger with PanicIRC

A merger with the PanicIRC network will occur on 2015 December 25 sometime between 0330 and 0430 UTC. This has several implications for users. The biggest change is that users will need to re-register their NickServ accounts and IRC channels as there is no way to merge the two services databases used by PanicIRC and Ravenchat. This was decided because PanicIRC has more users and channels, thus migrating it would be a bigger task. You can connect to to pre-register your nicknames and your channels if you wish. This way your new account will be ready for you when you join their network. Nickserv registration works the same on both networks.

A time line of events is as follows.

  • 2015 December 23 at 0400 UTC: An announcement was made network wide linking to this page. A memo was also sent out to all users directing them here and the topic in #lobby was changed as well.
  • 2015 December 25 at 0200 UTC: Services was moved into a read only state. This means that new nickname and channel registrations were stopped, and changes to channel access lists were not allowed. This was to help ensure that new users joining Ravenchat would not need to register nicknames or channels twice. Services remained operational for another 90 minutes after this.
  • 2015 December 25 at 0330 UTC: Services was shut down to prepare for a link to PanicIRC.

A backup of Ravenchat services has been maintained in the event that it is decided that a link to PanicIRC is not in the best interests of the network. Thus, should this merger for some reason not work out as expected, your current registrations are safe.

Delink from PanicIRC

A delink from the PanicIRC network has been scheduled after the operators of Ravenchat overwhelmingly decided that it was no longer in the best interests of the network to remain merged. This means we will become an independent network again complete with the original services package. As promised, your old channel and nickname registrations have been kept safe and services has been modified to prevent the automatic expiration of nicknames.

A timeline of events for the split is as follows.

  • 2016 April 19 at 1000 UTC: Notice was delivered to PanicIRC staff of our intention to delink from the network in 48 hours. At this time, DNS records for were purged
  • 2016 April 19 at 1000 UTC: Ravenchat servers were delinked from PanicIRC servers at this point. All ravenchat servers except for services were restarted to confirm that they are functioning correctly and can form the proper links.
  • 2016 April 19 at 1008 UTC: Due to a smoother than expected delink, services was started up 22 minutes ahead of schedule.

For any questions or concerns, please use the discussion page to post feedback.