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An ojoin is an IRC operator only command which enables an operator to automatically join a channel regardless of any channel modes set on it. Several things happen when an IRC operator issues an ojoin.

  • The IRC operator is joined to the channel as if the channel had no modes set on it. This means operators can join invite only channels from which they are banned
  • An announcement is made to the channel that the IRC operator is present in the channel and is on official network business
  • The IRC operator is given channel mode +y. This prefixes their name with a ! in channel listings and prevents the operator from being removed from the channel by channel operators.

Normally, an ojoin will only be issued in the following events:

  • An emergency situation requiring the immediate intervention of network staff to fix
  • Assistance is requested from a channel's founder to fix a broken channel to which they have lost access
  • The IRC operator is investigating a suspected terms of service violation.

To issue an ojoin for #channel, you would use the following command:

/ojoin #channel

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