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Note: Not to be confused with nickname, the identification for a given user on Ravenchat

This command will change your nickname to whatever you enter. There are several limits on this command which you should be aware of before using it.

  • The nickname can't already be in use somewhere else on the network
  • Certain nicknames are reserved and barred from use. This includes any name ending in the characters "Serv", to cut down on acts of successful services impersonation.
  • Certain nicknames are reserved for use by the network staff.
  • While you can attempt to use a registered nickname, all newly registered accounts are protected by services by default. Unless the account owner has explicitly disabled this option, you will only be permitted to use the nickname for 60 seconds.
  • Registered nicknames that are suspended cannot be used at all

This command takes 1 argument, the nickname you wish to change to. To change your nick to nick1, use this command:

/nick nick1

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