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This command bans a user from the local server. The user is not banned from the network and as such may reconnect to the network on another server. As such, this is not the recommended method for banning problematic users. For this, you should use akill instead.

This command takes 1 to 3 arguments in the following order:

  • The [email protected] to be banned
  • The time limit of the ban, if any
  • The reason for the ban

To kline the user [email protected] for 1 week with the reason "Use a different server", you can issue the following command:

/kline [email protected] 1w Use a different server.

Note that the nickname never appears in the kline. Only the ident and host name or IP address is used. Note that not all IRC clients support using the command like this. Some will require the use of /quote or /raw be prepended to the command. In instances like this, you must also prepend the ban reason with the : symbol, otherwise only the first word of the ban reason will appear.

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