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This command forcibly disconnects a user from the IRC network. This may be appropriate for misbehaving users as a warning for a repeat offense, when the use of an akill is not justified. It can also be used on bots that are misbehaving and whose connections need to be reset. Ghost is a special nickserv command that allows you to issue a kill on your own registered nickname.

This command takes 2 arguments. The first is a comma separated list of the users you wish to kill, and the second is the kill reason. If more than one user is named, then they all share the same kill reason. If you disconnect yourself from the server in this process, then nicks in the list after your own are not killed. To kill users with the nicks nick1, nick2, and nick3, with the message "Misbehaving bots.", you can issue the following command:

/kill nick1,nick2,nick3 Misbehaving bots

Note that the nicknames are only separated by commas, not spaces or any other punctuation characters. Users who are killed off of the server may immediately reconnect as they are not banned from the server or the network. This is analogous to a channel operator kicking a user out of a channel without banning them. If you wish to ban the user instead, you should use akill, which will also automatically disconnect the user(s).

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