Kick (ChanServ Command)

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This command is used to remove a specific user or group of users from a channel, with an optional kick reason. If no reason is specified, then a default message of "Requested" is used. If signed kicks are in use on the channel, then your nickname may or may not appear appended to the kick message, dependant on how that particular setting is enabled.

This command accepts 2 or 3 arguments, the channel on which to do the kicking, the nick name or host mask to kick, and the optional reason provided. To kick a nickname, you must have a channel access level of 5 or higher. To kick a host mask, you must be the founder. Anyone matching the host mask will be kicked. To remove nick1 from #channel with the reason "Stop flooding", you can use the following command:

/msg ChanServ kick #channel nick1 Stop flooding

Note that users removed from a channel this way can simply rejoin. To prevent this from happening, the user must also be banned from the channel.

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