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This is about BotServ's kick command. For other uses see Kick

This command configures automated kicking for IRC channels that have a bot assigned to them. Currently, the only kickers supported are flood kicks and repeat kicks. Both of which will be described in further detail below.

Flood kicks

These will trigger if a user reaches a preset number of messages sent to the channel within a preset amount of time measured in seconds. For instance, you can configure your bot to kick out users that send more than 3 messages to the channel in 10 seconds. This is not quite the same as a repeat kick but both are a similar concept.

Repeat kicks

These will trigger if a user repeats themselves a preset number of times. The amount of time is not specified in this kicker, it only tracks consecutive repeats. This is distinct from the flood kick in that a user may not necessarily be flooding the channel if they say, only repeat themselves once an hour. However if the channel is completely quiet during the repeated messages and they hit the present counter, they will be removed from the channel.


This command accepts 3 to 5 arguments, the type of kicker to configure, the channel to configure it for, an optional ban countdown, a number of repetitions before kicking for a repeat kicker, a number of times to message the channel for a flood kicker, and a number of seconds to track flooding for in a flood kicker.

To set up a flood kick to trigger after 3 messages in 10 seconds on #channel, which will ban users for a second offense, you can issue the following command:

/msg BotServ kick flood #channel 2 3 10

To set up a repeat kicker for the same channel to kick a user out for 3 or more repeated messages, but never ban them, use this command:

/msg BotServ kick repeat #channel 3

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