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This command can be used to modify information about channels or nicknames that is only accessible to IRC operators. This is useful for tracking complaints against users or channels and other issues which may arise. Information should be as concise as possible and not be unnecessary. Any information that is present will appear in the info command for either ChanServ or NickServ as appropriate. Such information will be timestamped to when it was added, and it is usually therefore not necessary to add dates or times yourself. For this to work, the channel or nickname in question must be registered. The command has 3 sub commands which are described in further details below.


Used for adding information. This sub command accepts 2 arguments, either a target channel or nickname and the information to add. To add the note "Warned about TOS violations" to #channel, use this command:

/msg OperServ info add #channel Warned about TOS violations


Used for deleting information added to a channel or nickname. This is an exact text match. Therefore, you should copy/paste exactly the information you wish to remove. For example, to delete the above information, you would run this command:

/msg OperServ info del #channel Warned about TOS violations


This completely deletes all IRC operator added information from a channel or nickname registration. This command accepts only the target as the argument and is thus easy to use. To clear out all information on #channel, you would use the following:

/msg OperServ info clear #channel

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