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This command returns information on a registered channel. It is mostly useful for seeing if a channel is registered with ChanServ, or to find out things like who the founder of the channel is. You do not need to be logged into NickServ to use this command. Users running this command on a channel get the following information:

  • The founder's nickname
  • The channel description, if set
  • The time registered
  • The time the channel was last used
  • The channel's URL, if set
  • Some (not all) of the channel settings used
  • The last topic that was set (if applicable)
  • The last topic setter (if applicable)

IRC operators and users with sufficient channel permissions get the following additional information:

  • The ban type used
  • The mode lock used
  • A complete list of the channel settings

This command accepts 1 argument, the name of the channel to request information for. To request information about our official chat channel, #lobby, you would use the following command:

/msg ChanServ info #lobby