Info (BotServ Command)

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This command can be used to get info about a specific bot or a channel. This command is restricted to IRC operators. If information is requested for a bot, then the following details are returned:

  • The host mask
  • The real name
  • Creation date
  • Flags (labeled as options)
  • Number of channels used on

For channel usage, the following information is returned instead:

  • The bot's nick
  • Bad words kicker (unused)
  • Bolds kicker (unused)
  • Caps kicker (unused)
  • Flood kicker
  • Repeat kicker
  • Reverses kicker (unused)
  • Underlines kicker (unused)
  • Italics kicker (unused)
  • AMSG kicker
  • Flags (labeled as options)

This command accepts 1 argument, either a bot's nick or a channel's name.

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