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This command places a services ignore on a user. Users who are services ignored will not be permitted to use services for any purpose, including for identifying, logging out if already logged in, or for new registrations. This is usually used to curb services abuse. You can add, delete, list, and clear services ignores. All masks given for services ignores should be in the format of [email protected] Wild cards and perl compatible regular expressions are allowed here.

Unlike most commands that accept expiration times, you cannot mix and match different units. If you attempt to do this, then the value you enter will be rounded down to the largest length of time. The commands for manipulating services ignores are described in greater detail below.


This adds a services ignore. To ignore all nicknames and all idents from for 2 days for the reason "Flooding services", you can use this command:

/msg OperServ ignore add +2d *!*@ Flooding services

Services ignores are silent. That is, the ignored user will not be informed of why they are being ignored or that services is even ignoring them. Thus, if you use this, expect queries in #help from the affected user(s). To make an ignore permanent (not recommended)


This removes a services ignore. To remove the above ignore, you can use the following command:

/msg OperServ ignore del *!*@

You must match the nickname or mask given exactly for this to work.


This lists services ignores. Unlike other list commands, this one accepts no arguments and merely displays the entire list of ignores. To list all services ignores, you would use the following command:

/msg OperServ ignore list


This clears out the entire list of services ignores. Like the list command above, this accepts no arguments. You should run list before running this command to ensure that there are no ignores that you wish to keep. To clear the ignore list, you would run this command:

/msg OperServ ignore clear

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