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This page describes IRC operators. For channel operators or channel half operators, see the appropriate pages

An IRC operator is someone who is responsible for the smooth operations of Ravenchat. There are several different levels of IRC operators, which will be discussed briefly below.

Local IRC Operator

Local IRC operators have operator access only on one server. They cannot use their operator login on any other server on the network. They have the power to issue kills and bans on their server.

There are currently no local IRC operators on the network.

Global IRC Operator

Global IRC operators have access to all the servers on the network. They can apply kills network wide and can ban users from individual servers.

There are currently no global IRC operators on the network.

Services Administrators

Services administrators have a higher level of access than global IRC operators. They can apply kills network wide, and can also set or unset network bans. They are also responsible for processing VHost applications. They have access to numerous advanced features of services. There are currently 3 services administrators.

Services Root Administrators

Services root administrators have the highest level of access to the IRC network. In addition to all of the above features, they can directly interfere with the operation of services as necessary, sending RAW IRC numerics to servers or clients, directly accessing and modifying network configuration files, editing network DNS settings, and numerous other advanced commands. The network founders are services root administrators. There are currently 2 services root administrators.

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