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This command lets you broadcast a network wide message. You should use this command very sparingly. Too many extraneous, irrelevant, or useless messages may discourage users from reading them or even visiting this network. As a good rule of thumb, messages should only be issued for the following reasons:

  • To announce an upcoming change that will affect users, such as a planned server or services outage
  • To apologize for an unplanned outage of a server or services
  • To warn users of potential problems which are or may be about to happen, like ping timeouts
  • To (sparingly) wish users a happy holiday

This command takes 1 argument, the message to be sent. To send the message "Services will be shut down in 10 minutes.", you would use this command:

/msg Global global Services will be shut down in 10 minutes.

This message is sent instantly to all users on the network, regardless of user modes, the moment services receives your command. As such, you will want to think carefully about what you want to say in your message and carefully proofread it for mistakes first. Unlike most IRC commands, this one cannot be taken back if you make a mistake.

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