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This command initiates a network wide ban on a specific host name or IP address. Because of the nature of this command, normally only very high ranking global IRC operators are permitted to use it. This is not the preferred method of issuing a network ban. Instead use OperServ's akill or issue a zline instead. The one exception is if you use gline with an IP address.A host name should never be used because of problems that DNS lookup failures will cause.

This command takes 1 to 3 parameters in the following order:

To issue a gline for [email protected] for 1 year for the reason "Suspected services impersonation", use the following command:

/gline [email protected] 1y Suspected services impersonation

The length of time is optional. If not given, then the gline is permanent. If you wish to remove a gline, then simply issue the gline command with the [email protected] you wish to remove without any other arguments.

This command accepts wild cards. You should use * for the ident field in every case unless you are issuing the gline to a trusted IP, in which case the exact ident should be used. IP ranges can be specified using wild cards in this way as well.

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