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This changes the entry messages that will be issued to all users via services notice when the first join your channel. The entry messages can be set to any message you see fit, so long as it conforms to the terms of service. By default, this is unset for new channel registrations. You would use one of the four sub commands to either view or modify this list.


This adds an entry message to your channel. It is appended to all other entry messages currently in your list. To add an entry message to channel saying "Welcome to my channel", you would use this command:

/msg ChanServ entrymsg add #channel Welcome to my channel


This deletes an entry message from your channel. Unlike the add command, which requires adding of channel entry messages in a specific order, you may delete them in any order you see fit. Deletions are made by giving a list entry number. To see a list of all the channel entry messages currently in use for a channel, see the list sub command below. To delete the second entry message in your list from #channel, you would use the following command:

/msg ChanServ entrymsg #channel del 2


This lists all the entry messages for the specified channel. To list all the entry messages for #channel, you would use this command:

/msg ChanServ entrymsg #channel list


This clears out all channel entry messages from the specified channel. To clear out all the messages for #channel, you would use this command:

/msg ChanServ entrymsg #channel clear

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