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This command can be used to enforce certain channel settings, even if they are not actually set on the channel. There are 6 sub commands which will be described in full detail below. This command takes 2 arguments, the channel where the enforcement is to take place, and the sub command of the setting you wish to enforce. The following settings can be enforced.


This will removed users who are banned from the channel if any are present. To enforce bans on #channel, use this command:

/msg ChanServ enforce #channel bans


This enforces the channel limit, if one is set. See channel modes for more information about channel limits, look up channel mode +l. This will kick out users at random until the channel is at (limit - 1) users. To enforce the limit on #channel, use this command:

/msg ChanServ enforce #channel limit


This removes all unidentified users from the channel. Unidentified users will be allowed to return to the channel unless they are banned or the channel is set to +R. Again, see channel modes for further information about this mode. To remove all unidentified users from #channel, you would use the following command:

/msg ChanServ enforce #channel regonly


This will remove everyone from the channel who is not on the channel access list. To remove all users without access #channel, you would use this command:

/msg ChanServ enforce #channel restricted


This will remove channel modes +h, +o, +a, and +q from users who are not on the access list for those specific modes. To enforce this change on #channel, you would use this command:

/msg ChanServ enforce #channel secureops


This will remove all users from the channel who are not connected to the IRC network on port 6697. Currently, this is the only port on the network which will allow secure connections. Should we decide to enable starttls connections in the future, then any port will be open to SSL traffic, and this will be rewritten accordingly. To remove all users from #channel not connected through SSL, use the following command:

/msg ChanServ enforce #channel sslonly

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