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This command is an exemption from a server ban, or kline. This will allow a normally klined user to connect to the network as normal. Like a kline, this may be set up on a temporary or a permanent basis. The command takes 1 to 3 arguments in this order:

  • The [email protected] mask to be e-lined (or to be une-lined)
  • The duration of the e-line
  • The reason for the e-line

E-lines will automatically expire after the time limit given, or will be made permanent until manual removal by an IRC operator should no time limit be given. To add [email protected] to an e-line for 1 day for the reason "Testing e-lines", use the following command:

/eline [email protected] 1d Testing e-lines

Note that e-lines will never use the nickname of the user you wish to exempt, only the ident and host name. If for some reason you wish to remove an e-line before the expiry time, you would issue the command with one argument, the [email protected] you wish to remove, like so:

/eline [email protected]

Note that most IRC clients will require the use of quote or raw for this command to work. Because this command also includes an optional reason for use of the command, you will need to prepend your reason with the : symbol, otherwise only the first word of your reason will appear. If your reason is only 1 word long (not recommended except for testing) then this is fine.

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