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We will be attempting to open the site soon to account registrations that require no administrator intervention. As such, this page will be used to discuss the editing policies which will be used on the wiki. A few interim rules may be as follows:

This wiki is based in the United States, and as such American spelling should be preferred in articles. However articles which are started with other dialects of English should retain the use of those dialects throughout the article.

Dates entered into article space must use dynamic dates. This enables users to see dates in whatever format they prefer. Here is an example of how to enter a dynamic date:

{{#dateformat:2015 December 31}}

The results of the above code depend on your user preferences. If you do not have an account or are not logged into it, then dates default to YMD format. While it is possible to change the default formatting of this code, this should not be done in article space as YMD is the preferred date format for this wiki. In the absence of the year, MD formatting is used by default for consistency.

Sign your talk page contributions. You can do so by appending ~~~~ to your post. There is even a button in the editor to do so.