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This command is used for removing a channel registration. This action cannot be undone. Once you revoke a channel registration, then anybody on the channel with channel operator status or above can register the channel for themselves. If you drop and then re-register the channel, you will lose all of the settings you had configured yourself, all channel access lists, all akicks, and any BotServ bots that were assigned to your channel. For these reasons and the fact that anyone with operator status or above can register a channel that is not currently registered, this is not the recommended way for resetting your channel. Use other commands instead.

This command accepts 2 arguments, the name of the channel to be dropped and the name of the channel to be dropped. This is required twice to prevent accidental use of this command when you meant to do something else to the channel. It is expected that you will forget about this and be prompted that dropping the channel is an act that cannot be undone once it happens. Thus, you must specify the channel name twice. To drop #channel, you would use this command:

/msg ChanServ drop #channel #channel

Only a person who is listed in the ChanServ info command as the founder can drop the channel, and they must be identified to NickServ with a password in order to do this.

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