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This command is used for removing channel modes applied to users. You must have sufficient access on the channel to apply the appropriate mode changes to the target user for this command to work. The following channel modes are removed from the optionally specified target:

  • +q (owner)
  • +a (protected)
  • +o (operator)
  • +h (half operator)
  • +v (voice)

The following modes are unaffected and are not removed with this command:

  • +b (banned)
  • +e (ban excepted)
  • +I (invite excepted)

This command accepts 2 optional arguments, the target channel and the target nickname. If you omit the nickname, then the channel modes are removed from you on the specified channel. If you omit the channel name and nick name, then all channel modes affected by this command are removed from you on all channels you are in. Note that this command does not affect access list entries. You cannot specify a channel and omit a nickname.

To remove the specified channel modes from nick1 in #channel, you can issue the following command:

/msg ChanServ down #channel nick1

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