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This command can be used by channel founders or IRC operators to copy channel lists from one channel to another. By default, all lists are copied when this command is specified with 0 optional arguments. You can specify just to copy access lists, akick lists, or access levels if you prefer not to copy everything. This command will only clone those lists, and not channel modes, topics, or settings. This is to provide for somewhat quickly renaming a channel.

This command accepts 2 or 3 arguments, the channel to clone lists from, the channel to clone lists to, and optionally which list to clone if there is only a specific list or two you wish to copy. If specifying which list to copy, then you may only copy 1 list at a time. To copy 2 of the 3 above lists, you will need to run this command twice, specifying the appropriate list each time.

To copy the akick list from #channel1 to #channel2, you must be a founder on both channels or an IRC operator. Then you can issue this command:

/msg ChanServ clone #channel1 #channel2 akick

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