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This command is an IRC operator specific channel searching command. It works similar to ChanServ's list, except that it allows for the searching of private or secret channels and will list all channels that match the search pattern, registered or not. You can also use a nickname to see which channels that nickname is on. This provides more detailed information than whois and so may be preferred in some situations.

This command accepts 1 or 2 arguments, the nickname or channel pattern to search, and the optional word secret to search only for channels that are +s or +p. Nicknames must be exact matches, but channel search patterns can use wild cards or perl compatible regular expressions. Regular expressions must begin and end with / characters to work properly. To search for all channels whose name starts with i and contains at least one number, you can use the following command:

/msg OperServ chanlist /^#i.*[0-9]/

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