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This IRC operator only command manages the bot list by allowing operators to add, change, or delete bots as needed. The 3 sub commands are described in further detail below.


This is used to add a bot to the network. The bot will not immediately join any channels upon creation. It must be assigned to channels. However by default all bots are created public and this process can begin immediately by any user with a registered channel. To only allow other operators to assign the bot, see set.

When setting the nickname of a bot, it is recommended to use a nickname that is subject to a qline or a forbid. This is because those nicknames are guaranteed not to be in use, and if for some reason the bot is deleted later, nobody will be able to use the nicknames to impersonate services. Keep in mind that you cannot use an already registered nickname for bots. If you pick a nickname that is in use by another user but is not registered, then that user is killed.

This command takes 4 arguments, the nickname the bot will be given, the ident the bot will be given, the virtual host assigned to the bot, and the real name field of the bot. To create a bot with the nickname TestServ, the ident services, the host, and the real name "I am a staff bot", you would use the following command:

/msg BotServ bot add TestServ services I am a staff bot


This command allows you to change the various information associated with a bot without having to delete the bot and start over. This command takes 5 arguments, the current bot's nick, the new nickname to use, the ident to use, the virtual host to use, and the real name to use. This may seem like it would take longer, but keep in mind that deleting a bot and then recreating it means it must also be reassigned! This command avoids that issue. To change the nick of the above mentioned TestServ to MistakeServ, issue the following command:

/msg BotServ bot change TestServ MistakeServ services I am a staff bot


This command completely removes a bot from the network. It will immediately part all channels and be deleted from the services database. The nickname it once used will once again become available for a user to register unless the nickname is subject to a qline or a forbid. This command takes 1 argument, the name of the bot to be deleted. You cannot use this to delete ChanServ. To delete TestServ however, use this command:

/ms BotServ del TestServ

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