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This is the news archives. News older than 1 calendar month should be moved here from the main page. Unlike on the main page, events should be listed here in chronological order, with individual month headings under separate year headings.



  • August 5 - The #contest IRC channel is started on FreshChat, kicking off plans to start a monthly photo contest beginning with the month of September. (Note that the contest is now hosted on Ravenchat instead)
  • August 9 - Christi becomes the 1st judge for the contest.
  • August 17 - Jonas86 becomes the 2nd judge for the contest.
  • August 17 - Bhagi becomes a contestant.
  • August 28 - The September 2015 Photo Contest opens. It is the 1st monthly contest.


  • September 2 - KiSsEr becomes support staff for the channel.
  • September 8 - This website is relaunched as a wiki using the mediawiki software, replacing the previous CMS under Joomla.
  • September 13 - Kris becomes a contestant.
  • September 20 - Crash-Over-Ride becomes a contestant.
  • September 21 - Dizmo becomes our 3rd judge.


  • October 1 - The October 2015 Photo Contest opens to contestants.
  • October 5 - Submissions for the September 2015 Photo Contest are closed.
  • October 8 - It is the 1 month anniversary since the website switched from using Joomla to Mediawiki
  • October 29 - The site is moved to a newer, faster host in the hopes of reducing downtime
  • October 31 - The October photo contest is ended. Submissions will be accepted until November 5


  • November 1 - The November 2015 Photo Contest opens to contestants.
  • November 1 - An important change to photo submissions and judging is being discussed at Talk:October 2015 Photo Contest. Please read the talk page and offer feedback.
  • November 2 - A poll module is added to the wiki. Anyone can add a poll to any page that they can edit. Any registered user can vote anonymously.
  • November 29 - Ravenchat first begins operations. Network is not yet officially opened.


  • December 5 - This wiki is repurposed to serve the Ravenchat IRC network. Major changes are begun on this date. The photo contest may make a return at some point.
  • December 5 - Dynamic date formats are deployed. Dates should now only appear in the format you choose in your preferences, or YMD format if you are not logged in/have no preference set.
  • December 6 - SSL is enabled site wide. You should probably change your passwords to ensure maximum security.
  • December 8 - The IRC network had its grand opening today. The first ten users to register new channels can get a custom BotServ bot for their channel that nobody else will have.
  • December 9 - This wiki is opened up to public registrations. Anyone may register an account without administrator interference. Users will need to sign up with a valid e-mail address and must confirm their address before they can edit.
  • December 23 - A merger with the PanicIRC network has been unanimously approved by the Ravenchat staff. More details can be seen at Merger with PanicIRC. The merger is scheduled to take place on 2015 December 25 at 0400 UTC.
  • December 25 - The merger with PanicIRC is a success. The merger was finished at the scheduled time. We also add a new server to our network, courtesy of n3rd.



  • January 1 - The first photo contest of 2016 opens to the public. Go and take your best shot.
  • January 17 - Work resumes on the wiki. We could use your assistance, especially in rewriting the commands reference.



  • April 16 - We welcome the links generously provided by gota, the newest servers on our growing shared network.
  • April 19 - A delink from PanicIRC is scheduled for April 21 at 10:00 UTC.
  • April 21 - Ravenchat is delinked from PanicIRC.