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This command controls the entries on your NickServ access list. This list is limited to 5 entries. By default, the list is entry on account creation. Anyone matching the mask on this list will be automatically identified to NickServ when using any nickname on the account. As such, you must be extremely careful when adding entries to the list. If you are unsure as to how masking works, either read the appropriate article(s) on this site to assist you, or do not use this command.

This command accepts 1 or 2 arguments, the sub command to perform and the argument for the sub command, if applicable. The sub commands are described in more detail as follows.


Adds a mask to your account. To add a user using the ident user1 with the IP address to the list, you can use this command:

/msg NickServ access add [email protected]

Access entries can also be added by using domain names instead of IP addresses, wild cards, or CIDR notation. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing can be used.

Note that although nobody will be able to see your real host name or IP address while connected to the network, services can still find this information out and behave accordingly. Additionally, you can use wild cards, but again, use them with care. Do not use this in a way that will easily grant access to other users.


This deletes a mask from the account. To delete the above mask, you can use this command:

/msg NickServ access del [email protected]


This provides a simple list which shows all of the masks currently in use on your account. You run the command like so:

/msg NickServ access list

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