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This command is used to manage your accept list. The accept list lets you exclude users from user modes which would otherwise prevent them from sending you private messages. Currently, user modes which may interfere with the reception of private messages are +c, +g, and +R. You do not have to have any user modes set to have an accept list, but this is when it is most useful.

To add nick1 to your accept list, run the following command:

/quote accept nick1

If you decide you don't want nick1 to be on your accept list anymore, issue this command:

/quote accept -nick1

To view all current entries on your accept list, run this command:

/quote accept nick1

Note that users are automatically removed from your accept list when either one of you disconnects from the IRC network. A nick is also automatically removed if for some reason it is no longer on the IRC network, usually because the other user changed nicks.

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