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The following is a complete list of working IRC commands on RavenChat. This list is split up into 3 sections which represent the most commonly used commands, rarely used commands, and IRC operator only commands respectively. Note that only a link to a page describing the command is provided here. This article currently employs no command descriptions of any sort. This may be changed in future versions of this article.

Common IRC commands


Away Cycle Devoice Join Kick Knock Invite Ison Mode Msg Names Nick Notice Part Ping Query Quit Silence Tban Topic Uninvite Who Whois Whowas

Rarely used commands

Authenticate Cap Links List Lusers Map Mkpasswd Modenotice Modules Ping Pong Server Sslinfo Startls Stats Time User Webirc

IRC Operator only commands

Check Chghost Clearcache Close Connect Eline Fpart Gline Gloadmodule Globops Greloadmodule Gunloadmodule Kill Kline Loadmodule Nicklock Nickunlock Ojoin Oper Qline Rconnect Rehash Reloadmodule Rsquit Sajoin Samode Sakick Samode Sanick Sapart Saquit Satopic Tline Unloadmodule Wallops Zline