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This page is kept to offer basic help on what to do in the event of certain problems or issues. Please see below for problems and solutions.

How do I create an account?

You can create an account yourself by clicking on the appropriate link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You must correctly answer a captcha before being able to proceed. If you have any problems, click the "Live help" link on the left side of the screen for assistance from our trained network staff.

How do I connect to Ravenchat?

Just click the "Live chat" link on the left hand menu to join our #lobby and chat with us. You can specify a different channel to join before connecting if you like, and you may join multiple channels after connecting.

How do I edit the wiki?

To edit a page on the wiki, you must be logged into the wiki with your account. See above if you do not yet have an account. Once logged in, simply navigate to the page you wish to edit and click the "Edit" link near the top right hand corner. The page must not be protected for some reason. Pages may be protected from editing because they are historical and are no longer expected to be updated, or to prevent accidental damage to the website through careless edits. A protected page can only be edited by an admin.

While not required, you should also be fairly well versed in mediawiki markup language, or WML. Because we use the same wiki software as wikipedia, markup there will almost always work here. You can read various guides on wikipedia for more information about WML pending the addition of our own documentation.

How do I get that cool info box on my user page?

First, navigate to your user page. This is as simple as logging in and clicking your user name at the top right hand corner of the screen. Once you're on your user page, click the edit link underneath of that.

On the edit screen, copy/paste the following wiki markup code:

{{infobox person
| color = color
| title = title
| image = file_name.ext
| Caption = image caption
| name = Name
| age = {{age|1987|3|18}}
| gender = Gender
| location = Location
| occupation = Job
| ircnick = IRC Nickname

All of the above information is optional except for the color field, but your user box would look pretty boring with just that. Let's walk through what these all mean and how to use them.

The color represents the background color that the name field goes on. This can be the name of an actual color, such as green, or a 6 digit hex code.

Title is the text that will appear above the infobox. I find the user name works best here.

Image is the name of the file that will be included, and should be a picture which represents you in some way, that is not being considered for entry to any current contests. If you are familiar with wiki markup language (WML) then you should note the lack of a [[File:]] tag here. Just the absolute name of the file on the wiki is all that is needed here.

Caption is the caption you want to have immediately underneath of the image. It may be useful to write a brief description of what is happening in your picture, or perhaps give a date for when the picture was taken. Unlike all of the other fields, this one must begin with a capital letter C, not lower case.

Name should be the name you want to use on the site.

Age is how old you are in years, and can either be entered manually, or you can use a template to have your age automatically display on your user page without having to be updated. You can copy the template above and fill in the date from that to make things easy. The date format used is YMD, that is, the 4 digit year comes first, followed by the month number, with January being month 1, and the day of the month. Keep in mind that if you go this route, anyone with an account can see when your birthday is.

Gender should display which gender you want to have on the site. You can type any text here and it will appear in that field, so you are not limited to just having M, F, male, female, etc...

Location is the location you want to have displayed on the site. As above, can be any text field you wish, and can be a real or fictitious place, and does not have to represent your actual current location.

Occupation, like the above two fields, represents what you want to have listed as your occupation. Any text entered here should be accepted.

Ircnick is the nickname you have registered with NickServ on Ravenchat. This makes it possible to visualize a link between your NickServ account a website account, which are separate. Your NickServ account has a WIKIUSER field which can be set as well, and in fact must be set before you can create a Quotes page.

What about quotes pages?

If you own a channel on Ravenchat, then you can create a page in the Quotes namespace. To create this page, simply navigate to<channel name here> to create it. Do not include the # character in the name, as this is an illegal character in wiki article titles. You should also set your WIKIUSER NickServ variable to your user name on this website. See Set (NickServ Command)#Wikiuser for more help with that.

My question isn't answered here. What do I do now?

You have two options. If you have an account on the wiki, you can ask your question on the talk page so that it may be included here once a solution is ready to be posted. If you do not have an account, you can ask us a question on IRC as indicated above and we will provide an answer both there and here if warranted. You can e-mail your question to admin at ravenchat dot net if for some reason you cannot get onto the IRC network.